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Disassembled, a new breed of wave based shooters.

Enter the arena of Disassembled the futuristic game show where you will start                                                 from the bottom and work your way up the celebrity ranks by surviving an                                                         onslaught of carnage against wacky bots. Travel from sector to sector                                                                 earning in game currency from every show to improve your arsenal and                                                             defences, from minions that fight for you to full automated turrets.

                                     Disassembled is best experience with 360 setups.


                                                      Q: Will Disassembled require a VR headset?

                                                      A: Yes this title will require the Oculus Rift™ with Touch


                                                      Q: What hardware will Disassembled be developed for?

                                                      A: During the early stages of development we will be aiming for an                                                                      initial release for the Oculus + Touch.

    As the Oculus Touch controllers feature finger tracking this would give us a lot                                                 more possibilities whilst developing Disassembled and with the                                                                            analogue controls also built into the Oculus Touch this will allow us to break                                                      any constraints and allow the player to move freely throughout the                                                                      environment.

   Q: Will Disassembled require a high-end PC to play?

   A: If your PC supports VR it will more than likely support Disassembled but                                                        we will be sure to update the required system specs during the games                                                                development.

Disassembled: Official Trailer




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