A high-quality asset pack designed for quick Cyberpunk style city building for HDRP, URP, and 3D render pipelines
83 high-quality prefabs - streetlamps X2, Aircon X4, trash X11, holographic advert frames X7, pipes X3, holographic road signs X4, glass elevator frame + elevator, wires X5, railings X5, elevated path X3 Paths X4, roofs X2 illuminated signs X11, window covers X8. Custom sign A-z. (Average texture resolution 4096) (Average triangles 2000)

7 mix and match modular building faces over 1 4K atlas(Average triangles 40)

interior mapping
1 holographic shader
1 road with puddle shader
1 animated wire (vertex paint weight)
1 rain surface shader.



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A high-quality asset pack designed for quick city building within the HDRP, URP, and 3D pipelines with diffuse, normal, and mask maps complete with interior mapping and LODs.

56 street and rooftop props with LODs - streetlamp, traffic lights X 2, trashcan, fencing X 3, rails x2, bus stops, bollards X2, plant beds X2, road cone, water tower, air-cons x4, scaffolding, steam vents, drains X5, awningsX3, fire escape, neon signs X3, roof window, roadblocks X2, food cart, flag, rail tracks x2, paths x4 billboards X8, water tower support, road surface, 3D Text A-Z. All over 4 4096 atlases materials (Average triangles 300)

13 mix and match stackable building parts with LODs - Shop faces X4 Stackable building extensions X9. All 4096 texture resolution (Average triangles 4k)

10 building trims/ separators in various sizes adding up to a total of 40 trims All in 4096 atlases (Average triangles 500)

1 Billboard screen shader with C# script and documentation.
1 Custom crack with puddle decal shader.
1 sample scene with switchable day and night and togglable rain.



65 high-quality game ready props with PBR materials and compatible with all render pipelines.

Texture Atlas 1 & 2 (4K)

8 Traffic lights (2k - 7k tris), 6 Street lamps (1k - 3k tris), 1 security camera (2k tris), 1 solar panel (900 tris)

Texture Atlas 3 (4K)

3 Wooden benches (900 - 2k tris), 3 Metal Menches (800 - 1.7k tris)

Texture Atlas 4 (4K)

10 Plastic road blockades (200 - 1.3k tris), 2 Cement road blockades (250 - 600 tris), 2 Wood road blockades (200 tris)

Texture Atlas 5 (4K)

5 Concrete plant beds (100 - 400 tris), 2 Plastic plant beds (800 - 900 tris), 2 Metal plant beds (50 tris)
1 Marble plant bed (800 tris), 1 Tree bed (1400 tris)

Texture Atlas 6 (4K)


5 Trash Cans (1k - 2k tris), 4 News venders (700 tris), 2 Mailboxes (1k tris), 2 plastic street blocks (300 tris),

2 Metal Fences (600 - 2k tris), 1 Fire Hydrant (1.8k tris), 1 Concrete street block (200 tris)